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design-o-saur power!

A couple of years ago, when David Bromley and Linda Henderson-Myers and I started working together on graphics for the 200th Anniversary of the Perth Military Settlement, we began reminiscing about the "olden days" of drafting tables, ruling pens and PMT cameras. It was quite a fond stroll down memory lane for each of us as we realized just how much our life as designers has changed... some of it for better and some for worse. As the computer took over, we had to set aside our pencils, Pantone markers and layout paper in exchange for the mouse, Adobe programs and glaring computer screens. Plus, it made the whole world speed up - turnaround time was soon marked by hours and not days. As Milton Glaser says " The computer is to graphic design as the microwave is to cooking". Alas, us olde design-o-saurs still have the gift of the draw. Here's the image that David created for our unique artist's association - pretty awesome-saurus!!!

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