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This site is designed to be a storybook of sorts - packed with text, archives and  imagery that will give you a peek into my world.

Please take a tour through the pages... I hope you enjoy your journey!


As a designer, I find it virtually impossible to draw a line between work and play.

I truly love what I do and enthusiastically embrace each opportunity to perpetually seek compelling and effective solutions for every new design challenge.
A trademark of my portfolio, whether it be print, signage, multi-media or interactive exhibit design, is to deliver interpretation of history, culture and nature in the most creative, colourful and experiential storytelling way possible.

art rules!

It seems like I have spent my whole life pursuing excellence in the world of art.
As a child, I poured creative energy into school projects to make every topic - from social studies to science to music come to life. Hungry for more, I dedicated four post-secondary years to formal education in the fundamentals of design, with a major in sculpture and printmaking. By chance, my chosen vocation as a fine artist quickly morphed into the field of graphic design when I was hired in the early 80s at one of Ottawa's largest studios. The next decade delivered hands-on experience from a wealth of gifted mentors like Ian Roberts, Don Macmillan and Bruce Rawlins who, with both extreme pressure and care, gave me the tools to learn and ultimately launch my career and life-long love of the discipline of design. 

is there anything else in life?
Indeed, there is. Long hours and late nights bent over a drafting table (now computer) doing intensely detailed eye-hand work are pesky hazards in a designer's lifestyle, but luckily, I have always had two other passions that help to counter these - gardening and singing - the best damn therapy around!


annie dalton

A big thank you to my daughter Rachael who made me this inspirational piece of art that helps keep me motivated!

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